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Morning Links: Sabres Get Ready For Draft

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I know that I started getting ready for the trip to Montreal this weekend.  The Sabres have been preparing for Montreal all season long.  The NHL is and will be in the forefront for the next couple of weeks with the draft next weekend and free agency just over a week away. - The #1 Source On the Future Blue & Gold: Buffalo Sabres 2009 Draft Preview, v2.0

Bakes has one of his famous draft previews for us to peruse.  He doesn't really like our selection of Kassian at number 13 for the Sabres.  He prefers the Sabres go with Kreider.  Kreider probably has a much bigger offensive upside but I'm not sure he will be as physical as Kassian will be.

The Ultimate Sports Road Trip " Blog Archive " 6/20/99, 1:31AM

Another situation of reliving the 1999 Stanley Cup finals.  For the record...I was in my living room when the goal was scored and there I sat even three hours later.  It didn't matter that the game went till the wee hours of the night. my friends an I had some debate over the way it had ended.

Fix hockey department, bring on Bouwmeester and the kids : Sports : The Buffalo News

The Buffalo News had a great feature on GM for-a-day, Coach for-a-day and Larry Quinn for-a-day.  I don't necessarily agree with their opinions on the team but I'll save that for a post later this week.

Bettman finally addresses NHLPA -
After waiting 16 years to make an appearance at the NHLPA's player meetings, Gary Bettman needed a little extra time to get his point across.

Report: Molson Brothers to Buy Canadiens - Slap Shot Blog -
It looks like the Molson's have bought back the Montreal Canadiens. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't rooting for them to buy the team.

All in the Family at Pengrowth Saddledome - The Globe and Mail
I guess Brent Sutter will coach in the NHL after all. I wish that we would hear the truth from people in professional sports just once...seriously, just once.

Sundin takes pass on Vancouver Olympics - The Globe and Mail
Mats Sundin has decided that he won't play for Sweden in the 2010 Olympics. How does he know they would even want him. Sundin was a great player but he probably is not good enough to play on that team in 2010.