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The Daily Dish: June 2

It's fun playing with the new tools that the SB Nation tech team has installed for us but keep in mind that we are still working out the links.  The Daily Dish may take on a new look as we move along but for now it is what it is.

If you want to learn more about the new features and how they affect you this is a great source.

The links have a Jim Balsille flavor today and that may be the trend as the next couple of weeks unfold.

Balsillie set to file relocation plans -
The NHL will soon have a much clearer picture of what Jim Balsillie has planned if the Phoenix Coyotes are allowed to move to Hamilton. Balsillie was expected to file an application for the relocation of the Coyotes with the league late Monday night.

Jim Balsillie: Hockey is our game
Hockey is our game. Canadians get that. I grew up dreaming of one day being an NHL player. Millions

NHL looking at off-season testing -
Gary Bettman doesn’t give up much when he asked about perceived weaknesses of the National Hockey League. But the NHL commissioner opened his State of the Union address at the 2009 Stanley Cup final with an admission that, yes, the NHL’s drug program needs to be stronger.

Hockey's Future Spring 2009 Organizational Rankings, 1-10 - Hockey's Future
The Hockey's Future Organizational Rankings are an assessment of the overall state of each. They pick the Sabres organization as the 10th best. On a personal level, I am extremely upbeat about the Sabres future but it's always good to see someone agree with me.

Florida Panthers GM Jacques Martin now head coach of Canadiens - Hockey -
Jacques Martin has left the Florida Panthers to become the new head coach of the Montreal Canadiens. Martin had been the Panthers general manager the past three seasons, and was introduced in Montreal as the new bench boss of the legendary franchise.