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Pittsburgh Penguins are your Stanley Cup Champions

Let's start by offering congratulations to the Pittsburgh Penguins on a job well done and a Stanley Cup Championship.  I'll admit that the playoffs would have been better with the Buffalo Sabres involved but it was one of the best playoffs seasons ever.  I'm sure everyone has an opinion on the best and worst of these playoffs but the game last night was fantastic and has to be the best moment of you are a hockey fan.

The best way to sum up the series is by letting other people explain it.  With that in mind I'll share a couple of links and my thoughts on the links.

The Pittsburgh Penguins win the Stanley Cup!!!

Heartache in Hockeytown - Winging It In Motown
Red Wings fans are obviously disappointed by their game seven loss. There is no shame in feeling the heartache.

What were you thinking Hossa?
I think that there has been way too much talk about Marian Hossa. Hossa made a decision to sign with the Detroit Red Wings and it was probably the right decision. How could Hossa have predicted that the Penguins would fire Michel Therrien and hire Dan Bylsma? He couldn't and therefore he should not regret his decision.

Penguins deny accusations of handshake snub by Crosby | | The Detroit News
It's impossible for any of us to know the feeling of winning the Stanley Cup. Therefore we probably should not comment on what exactly took place...but I'll try anyway. Sidney Crosby has been known as "The Next One" since before he was drafted by the Pittsburgh Penguins. If that wasn't enough pressure, he was named Captain of the team. Imagine the feeling of having all that pressure lifted because you just won the Stanley anyone really thinking about a handshake?

'City of Champions' parade set for Monday
Parade plans are all mapped out for the Penguins. It would be nice to have one of these parades in Buffalo...just once and I'll be happy.