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Morning Links: June 12

It's the last day of hockey season.  The Pittsburgh Penguins and Detroit Red Wings will go head-to-head in a one game winner take all game for the Stanley Cup.  It's the time of year and the game that players dream about playing in.

Down Goes Brown: Seven signs that your team is not winning Game Seven - Toronto Maple Leafs Blog - Humor. Commentary. Despair.
A humorous look at the main signs at why either the Penguins or Red Wings aren't winning game seven. Written by a Leafs fan.

KuklasKorner : Abel to Yzerman : 24.  27.  12.
A good piece from well some interesting bloggers on the emotions that a Red Wings fan should feel the night before Game 7

Sean Avery's Summer of Love unfolds... (Blue Notes) -
He continues to just pimp himself out there.

Molson brothers confirm bid to buy Canadiens : Sabres & NHL : The Buffalo News
Three Molson brothers confirmed Wednesday they have made an offer to buy the Montreal Canadiens, the Gillett Entertainment Centre and the Bell Centre.

Geoff, Andrew and Justin Molson say the bid was delivered to George Gillett, who owns the Bell Centre and about 80 per cent of the National Hockey League team.

Sabres Edge: Hamilton councilman wants Sabres' backing - or else
Hold on, let me stop laughing here. This is too good.