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Morning Links: June 11

One more day till game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals.  The Phoenix Coyotes bankruptcy hearing is still up in the air but it seems like the Sabres might be coming into money.  The Dallas Stars fired head coach Dave Tippett and the raft is only a couple of weeks away.

Buffalo Sabres - Features: SCOUTS GAINING NEW INFORMATION - 06/08/2009
A nice piece about the scouting combine and the benefits of the scouting combine.

The Move to Paperless Tickets | The Business of Sports
This is a must read for fans of music and sports. Is it possible that the ticket could become a thing of the past?


Gillis's willingness to walk away from twins is calculated risk with potential for big reward - The White Towel
A good article at what seems to be the crossroads that are facing the Sedin twins and the Canucks.

Dallas Stars reportedly fire Dave Tippett - Defending Big D
Brandon takes a look at the firing of Dave Tippett. He doesn't like the move and I'm sure that many people in Dallas agree with him.