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Morning Links: June 10

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The links are going up a little bit late today but enjoy them nonetheless.  The Pittsburgh Penguins forced a game seven so we still have hockey on Friday night.  The courts didn't decide the future the Phoenix Coyotes and still nothing is going on with the Sabres.

Buffalo Sabres - Multimedia: Sabres Lunch Express -- Weekly Webcast of the Buffalo Sabres
RJ will be on the Sabres Lunch Express today. Make sure to tune in at 12:30 at

The Ultimate Sports Road Trip " Blog Archive " Yes, there are some people who care in Phoenix.
I put this clip in because the Coyotes mess could really have serious implications to how our other sports team's moving issues could be handled when old Ralph passes away.

Heatley Asks Senators for Trade
This probably could be the most entertaining article that I have read all day. If Heatley wants out of Ottawa, by all means have a nice day.

How television ratings impact the Coyotes - From The Rink
Could the Coyotes future hinge upon a local television contract? It may not today but it could in the future.

Score one for Bettman - The Globe and Mail
Judge says NHL entitled to relocation fees – which could be high enough to force Balsillie to walk away

Mr. Hockey having a tough time - The Globe and Mail
"It makes you as weak as a kitten'', Howe says of his wife's death three months ago