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Enroth Selected in KHL Entry Draft

I have been receiving Press Releases from the KHL since the began late last summer.  Up until now there was never anything to talk about but today that changed.  The KHL held their first ever Draft and they selected a mixture of young Russian players and players they are hoping will jump ship to the KHL.  Jhonas Enroth was among those players selected, he was selected in the third round by Atlant Moscow Reg.

It is unlikely that Enroth would leave the Portland Pirates and play in the KHL at this point in is career.  It will definitely be an option for him or any other player that feels they are not getting a fair shot at playing in the NHL.  There is no indication that Enroth is unhappy with his role in the Sabres organization. 

The Sabres have made it clear that they feel he is the Goalie of the future.  He is the goalie of the future but that begs the question, when is the future?  Enroth may not be willing to wait for the future and may see this as an opportunity. 

There are still a few questions that need to be answered.  Will the Sabres just blow this off and continue with their business?  Will this force them to move Enroth along at a quicker pace?  Will this give the Sabres a reason to trade him away instead of losing him to another league? 

It will be an interesting situation to watch but from a distance.  I don't think that anything will happen immediately but it still deserves attention.

Dirk has an interesting post on the KHL draft at On the Forecheck.  He also posted the entire press release if you want to read it.