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All-Time Number Debate: 4 Uwe Krupp

So many Sabres have come and gone in the organization over the past 39 years.  But who was the best wearing their number.  This is going to settle that debate.  Using the Buffalo Sabres Alumni listing of all-time uniform numbers we will post a player a day based on their number.  After a certain uniform number is up, we put the vote to you.


Uwe Krupp played for the Buffalo Sabres from 1986-1992 and wore number 4 from 1998-92.  During that time, Krupp played in 293 games and scored 22 goals and 87 points.

Krupp was an 11th round pick of the Sabres in the 1983 Draft.  He was the 223rd pick in the Draft.  Krupp was traded to the New York Islanders as a part of the deal that sent Pat Lafontaine to Buffalo.