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The Daily Roundup for 5/5

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Penguins vs. Capitals

Recaps for the Penguins and the Capitals

Crosby whines again, this time about hats.

On Frozen Blog takes a look at what was a historic night last night.

Around the Rest of the League

Thanks to the guys at St. Louis Game Time for this one, the NHL is on Hulu.  That means you can check out classic Sabres games from this season such as the Sharks game from 2/13, the Devils game from 11/3, and the Islanders game from 10/13.  This is a great idea for the NHL and hopefully it gets expanded during the offseason.

Danny Gare is out as Blue Jackets color commentator.  Unfortunately, there really isn't an opening for him in the Sabres organization with five people already a part of the broadcast team.

John Buccigross would like to be a play-by-play man for an NHL team and his dream team would be the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Unfortunately, you won't see that happen for a few years.

World Championships

Switzerland/USA 4-3, Finland/Canada 4-3, Slovakia/Norway 3-2 OT, Sweden/France 6-3, Germany/Hungary 2-1, Denmark/Austria 5-2

Moment of Zen