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Tellqvist Signs in the KHL

The Sabres have officially announced today that Mikael Tellqvist has signed with Ak Bars of the KHL.  While this isn't major news yet, there was rumor that Tellqvist was going to stay on with the Sabres for next season due to a hip injury that Lalime suffered at the end of the season.

This signing can signify one of two things.  First, Lalime's injury is better than we were all fearing.  Second, the Sabres just didn't have a large enough offer to keep Tellqvist here.  I would assume that the first scenario is the correct one because of the fact that we haven't heard anything out of the Sabres camp to suggest that Lalime could be out for part of next season. 

Tellqvist is a good backup goalie that is getting the chance to start overseas.  He played well in the six games that he was a Sabre and playing in Russia will give him a chance to showcase some of that talent.