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Tim Connolly: 2008-2009 Report Card

It's time to put the finishing touches on the 2008-2009 season for the Buffalo Sabres. Here is a complete report card of every single player that played a significant amount of time with the Sabres this season. Thanks to Japers Rink and Mile High Hockey for the inspiration.

Tim Connolly

#19 / Center / Buffalo Sabres



May 07, 1981

2008 - Tim Connolly 48 18 29 47 12 22 5 1 5 0 126 14.3

Key Stat: Connolly scored 18 goals in only 48 games played this season. His total of 18 goals was a career best for Connolly. The Sabres scored plenty of goals when Connolly was on the ice. They scored over four goals per 60 minutes with Connolly on the ice and just over two goals per 60 minutes when he was not on the ice. {Hockey Analysis}

Interesting Stat: Connolly started his career as a true iron man. He missed only three games in his first four NHL seasons (two with the Islanders and two with the Sabres). He played a total of 325 games in his first four seasons. Since that time he has played in only 161 games in five seasons. He missed the entire 2003-2004 season with a concussion and has missed considerable time in each of the last four seasons. Ironically, he played in 48 games in each of the last two seasons.

Fun Fact: Connolly was traded to Buffalo with Taylor Pyatt in exchange for Michael Peca. Connolly remains a member of the Buffalo Sabres after signing a two-year contract extension and Peca has played for four teams, including the Islanders, since leaving Buffalo.

Although injuries have plagued Connolly, he seems to be on the upswing of is career scoring 42 goals in the last four seasons. Peca has scored only 25 goals over the last four seasons.

2008-2009 Line Combos: (Limited to five to save space)

  1. Drew Stafford - Thomas Vanek (420 shifts - 6 points)
  2. Jochen Hecht - Jason Pominville (404 shifts - 5 points
  3. Clarke MacArthur - Jason Pominville (370 shifts - 4 points)
  4. Jason Pominville - Thomas Vanek (336 shifts - 4 points)
  5. Jochen Hecht - Drew Stafford (170 shifts - 0 points)

Report: It's impossible to talk about Tim Connolly without mentioning the injury problems. I already mentioned the amount of games that Connolly has missed and once the injuries start it becomes harder to prevent future injuries.

Connolly proved that he can be a star player in the NHL if he can remain healthy. Connolly finally showed a knack for scoring goals this season and he has always been a play-maker.

Connolly is poised to have a career year next season if he can remain healthy the entire year. He had 47 points in 48 games this season, the closest he has ever been to a point-per-game player.

2008-2009 salary: $3,500,000

2009-2010 status: signed for $4,500,000

Vote: It's time to grade Connolly for his play in the 2008-2009 season. Every player has expectations so vote based on those expectations. If a player played to their potential they should receive a "C" if they exceeded expectations they would receive a "B" or an "A".

Discuss: What was your reaction when Connolly re-signed with the Sabres on deadline day? Do you think that Connolly can ever play a full season again? If you were Darcy Regier, would you have traded him away?

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