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Sabres Draft Preview

There is nobody in the business that can cover the draft the way Bakes does at Sabres  If you are looking for a full draft preview than Sabres is the place to go.  If you just want a quick recap of what is being said on the web I have you covered.

I scoured the web the last two days in search of as many mock drafts as I can find.  I was surprised to find out exactly how many there were.  Keep in mind that not all of them are very accurate.  Many had the Sabres selecting a defenseman but the Sabres have plenty of defensive depth in the organization.  The Sabres usually go with the best available player but I don't expect them to go defense in the first round.

If you are interested in reading the mock drafts you can find many of them here.

There were many players that were associated with the Sabres in the mock drafts.  A couple of OHL players were the two that were most often chosen.  Peterborough Petes Right Wing Zack Kassian was the forward that was chosen most often and Windsor Spitfires Defenseman Ryan Ellis was the defensive player that was chosen the most.

I'm not going to pretend that I know a lot about these players.  Instead I'll just point you in the direction of available information.



Zack Kassian ( 6'3" 209lbs) - RW Peterborough (OHL) Profile

As a hockey player, I see myself as an in-your-face type banger, all-around hockey player who goes in the dirty areas and goes to the net hard to get some dirty goals as well.

My Take:  I love his size and attitude.  At 6'3" and 209 pounds he has the size to a dominate power forward in the NHL.  He is the type of player the Sabres are in desperate need of.

Scott Glennie (6'1" 177lbs) - C Brandon (WHL) Profile

On the possibility of being drafted: Actually it's almost a surreal feeling. You grow up watching all the NHL players. You dream of becoming one. And now it's coming closer and closer to actually becoming an NHL player. It's a really weird feeling.

My Take:  Glennie is taller tan some of the Sabres current forwards and may be able to grow into his 6'1" frame as he matures.  Seems to be more of a skilled player as opposed to a power player.

Nazem Kadri (6'0" 177lbs) - C London (OHL) Profile

On the possibility of being drafted: I can't wait. I get the jitters thinking about it. It's a long ways away. I still got a lot to prove to myself and other people. I try to keep it in the back of my mind and not think about it too much.

My Take:  Seen him play live in person on one occasion and wasn't overly impressed.  He seemed to lose his cool easily and was taken off his game easily.

Jacob Josefson (6'0" 183lbs) - C Djurgarden (SWE) Profile

On patterning his game: I like to watch Henrik Zetterberg, I think he’s a very good player. I try to watch him and take some stuff from him. He is one of my favorite players.

My Take:  Josefson is projected to be a possible Selke Trophy type player.  He could be a perfect fit with the Sabres if he develops as expected.



Ryan Ellis (5'9" 173lbs) - D Windsor (OHL) Profile

On his style of play: I'm an offensive defenseman for sure. I'm undersized. People kind of think I'm a little smaller for a defensive game, but I think I try to be responsible in my own end as well as sometimes lead the rush and try to chip in offensively as much as I can. I'm a power-play kind of guy. I like to get out there and get a few points here and there. Other than that, I think I just try to be a well-rounded defenseman.

My Take:  I've been watching him at the Memorial Cup.  He is a fast skater and has some offenisve ability.  He reminds me of Brian Rafalski.  He will probably be a great NHL player ut I don't think that he is what the Sabres need right now.

David Runblad (6'2" 189lbs) - D Skelleftea (SWE) Profile

My Take:  We already have a tall Swedish Defenseman and I don't want another.

John Moore (6'2" 189lbs) - D Chicago (USHL) Profile

On his style of play: I consider myself a two-way defenseman, one of my greatest assets is my skating ability and that allows me to be pretty mobile out there. I also like to consider myself a good passer, good puck mover; so those are two big strengths of mine.

My Take:  He will need to prove himself at a level higher than the USHL.  He has the size to be a great NHL player if he develops his skills.