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Ovechkin and Crosby put on a Show; Buffalo still supports the Sabres

It's time to share my thoughts on numeros topics regarding the NHL and the Buffalo Sabres.  I'm going to make this a regular feature athough it will probably be posted on a day other than Friday.

  • The playoffs have been entertaining so far this year.  The most entertaining series was the show that Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby.  Most people already considered them the best two players in the league but now they leave no doubt.  It's a shame that we won't be able to see Ovechkin lay anymore until next season.
  • If everyone is so down on the Sabres why are people still buying tickets?  The Buffalo market is a strange one.  We are highly critical of our teams but in the end we are very loyal as well.
  • While I was watching all the game sevens on Wednesday and Thursday; I started thinking about the Sabres past game seven appearances.  Of course I remember the heartbreak of the loss to Carolina in 2006 and the Darius Kasparitis overtime goal in 2001.  I remember the euphoria when Derek Plante scored in overtime to beat the Ottawa Senators in 1997.  I was trying to figure out when the Sabres won another game seven and couldn't think of another time.  I couldn't think of another game seven win because it never happened.  The Sabres are 1-5 all-time in game seven.
  • What does Jim Balsille hope to gain by taking on the NHL?  Even if we wins and there is a team in Hamilton he will be an outcast with the other owners in the league. 
  • If there is a team in Hamilton, do they immediately become the Sabres chief rival?
  • We have heard a lot about the Sabres missing the playoffs but how come we haven't heard about Chris Drury and Danny Briere bothe being eliminated in the first round?