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Jaroslav Spacek : UFA Report

This is the final installment of the free agent reports.  Next week there will be a summary of all the Sabres free agents for future use.

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Jaroslav Spacek

#6 / Defenseman / Buffalo Sabres



Feb 11, 1974

2008 - Jaroslav Spacek 80 8 37 45 2 38 4 0 0 0 130 6.2

Jaroslav Spacek was the Sabres best defenseman for the second consecutive season.  He was a disappointment in his first season with the Sabres but he has rebounded the past two seasons.


Spacek was brought to Buffalo for his offensive ability and his shot on the power play.  Instead of being the specialist the Sabres expected; he turned into the Sabres best defenseman.  It's funny how things happen sometimes.

We all know what he brings to the game offensively but his defensive play was a pleasant surprise.  He used his years of experience to make sure he was always in position.

He proved this season that he could match up with opponents top line when needed.  He became a top two defenseman with the Sabres althoughhe is more suited as a 3-4 guy.

He also showed a physical side to his game that I had never seen before.  He never shyed away from contact and on occasion he delivered some bone crushing hits.  How many times did we hear his name during the "Carubba Collision"?


The most glaring weakness of Jaroslav Spacek is the most costly mistake a player can make.  When pressured in the defensive zone he was prone to bad giveaways.  Sometimes it was a matter of trying to do too much, but too often it was lazy passes. 

The Sabres finished just one game out of playoff spot and I'm sure that we could go back and find a game that Spacek gave away.  I'm not blaming him for the Sabres missing the playoffs but as a vetrean player he should not be making rookie mistakes.

Bottom Line

Spacek will be an asset to whatever he team he plays with next season.  The Sabres would love to have him back and Darcy Regier said as much at the end of the season.  The Sabres chances of keeping Sacek rely heavily on finances.  The Sabres are financially strapped and he would have to accept a much lower contract in Buffalo than he could get elsewhere.


Unless the Sabres can successfully trade away either Tallinder or Lydman; Sacek will be playing hockey somewhere else next season.