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The Daily Roundup for 5/12

With a Game six elimination and a forced Game Seven, we bring back the links.

Sabres News

Besides the big news that the Sabres have signed Tyler Myers, see below, the Sabres also announced that they have a renewal rate of 94% on season tickets.   Right now, Bucky's head must be spinning from all of the fan support.

Capitals vs. Penguins

Recaps from the Penguins and the Capitals

FSN Pittsburgh earned its highest rating ever for Game 5 and became the highest rated NHL game ever on the FSN Sports Networks.

Canucks vs. Blackhawks

Recaps from the Canucks and the Blackhawks

Patrick Kane has game of his career.  Have I mentioned this Blackhawk team reminds me of a certain Sabres team.

Around the Rest of the League

VERSUS is coming out with an Around the Horn type show with people on webcams.  This could be amazing or a complete disaster.

Forbes names the Pittsburgh Penguins as the fastest growing NHL brand, fifth on that list the Buffalo Sabres.