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Sabres Thinking about 2009-2010 Season

Alright's finally time to start thinking about next season.   The Sabres played their last game weeks ago but I had trouble switching to off-season mode.  With just a month and a half remaining in the season it looked like the Sabres would be a playoff team but those hopes faded quickly in March and the season came to an abrupt ending.  We tried switching to off-season mode at Die by the Blade but the inspiration wasn't there.  I'm finally ready.

We'll start looking ahead to next season and trying to figure out what this team will look like next October.  In order to do that there are plenty of things to go over. Here is a quick summary of what yo can expect in addition to our regular features of the Daily Update and the All-Time Number Debate.


The Roster
  • What players are currently under contract to the Sabres?
  • The Sabres salary situation...actual salaries and the salary cap.
Free Agents
  • Restricted Free Agents
  • Unrestricted Free Agents
  • Who can make the jump next season?
  • who will be in Portland next season?
The Draft
  • I expect better coverage of the draft this season because I will be in attendance.  I'm not sure what capacity I'll be there in yet but I will be there.
Community Building
  • I also expect to do some community building in the off-season as well.  I'm oping to build on the community we started building in the regular season.

If you have any other suggestions for off-season topics feel free to share them in the comments section.  Sit back ad enjoy the ride as we get prepared for next season.