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The Second Round Starts Tonight

As the headline says, the Canucks and Blackhawks kick off the second round tonight at 9 pm.  The Blackhawks are going to have a tough road ahead of them tonight as they try and solve the playoff puzzle that is Roberto Luongo.  Luongo's first round 1.15 GAA and .962 SV% is the best for all goaltenders so far. The Canucks handled the Blues pretty easily and have been well rested for the last nine days.

The Blackhawks showed their strength against the Flames by eliminating them in six.  They have scored the most goals in the first round with 21.  Their youth and inexperience have served them well in the first round and should give them a chance in the second round.  They like to share the wealth as well, three players are co-leading scorers with three goals.  Twelve players have scored at least one goal.