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The Daily Roundup for 4/29

Rangers vs. Capitals

Recaps from the Rangers and the Capitals

Is Simeon Varlamov turning into this year's version of Cam Ward.

Tortorella shows regret about being suspended.

Devils vs. Hurricanes

Recaps from the Devils and the Hurricanes.

Fire and Ice takes a look at what went wrong. has a quick look at the latest someone has ever scored in a Game 7 to clinch the game.

World Championships

Hungary/Belarus 3-1, Russia/Switzerland 4-2, Canada/Slovakia 7-3, France/Germany 2-1

Around the Rest of the League

The Philadelphia Phantoms have officially moved to Glens Falls.

Lou Lamoriello may be relieved of business duties with the New Jersey Devils.

The NHLPA feels that this is the right time to stick a second team in Toronto.

The Penguins officially drop the interim tag from head coach Dan Bylsma