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The Second Team in Toronto Story Just Won't Die

The Globe and Mail today is reporting that NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly and head of NHLPA Paul Kelly met last week with a group interested in putting a second team in Toronto. 

Most times when a second team in Toronto or a second team in Southern Ontario is brought up, usually the effect of the Buffalo Sabres is brought into the conversation.  This second team would have to pay territorial rights fees to both the Leafs and the Sabres.  The main issue between the second team playing in the Toronto area and playing in Southern Ontario is the effect on the Sabres fan base.

Most of the Canadian Sabres fans that populate the come from the Hamilton area and east.  The investment group is looking to put the team in Vaughn, which is about 17 miles away from Toronto.  This makes more sense when looking at the situation from the Sabres perspective.  The Leafs are not going to see an erosion of their fanbase when it comes to adding a second team in the area.  The Rangers, Islanders, and Devils can all survive the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area, the Leafs can survive with a second team.

The main note that needs to be mentioned with this is that the league is not looking to expand nor moving any teams in the near future.  Which is good for this investment group because they would still need to secure financing for a new arena and the necessary amenities to put this team together.  Besides, there is an arena in Kansas City that is sitting empty that would like a tenant for either NBA or NHL to move in.  That would be the logical move for the league if they needed to move a team.