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The Unofficial Daily Roundup for 4/21

It's been awhile since we have officially done the daily roundup and this is not going to be done the same way as daily roundup is usually done.  I had planned on writing a post telling you why Derek Roy is better than Danny Briere but that will have to wait.  Our friend (and I say that with the utmost sarcasm) Bucky Gleason has written another story that has everyoe on the internet in a tizzy.

Their voice was stronger. Their backbone was thicker. Their collars were bluer, and they demanded the same from their teams. They wouldn't have tolerated, let alone contributed to, what they're getting these days from their teams. Back in the day, when it was more affordable and absent fears of relocation, it was more charming.

I believe that it was this paragraph that has everyone upset.  It is kind of funny that someone who makes their living watching sporting events for free is telling people how to spend their money.  Does Bucky have a thicker backbone because he verbally attacks everyone in the Sabres organization every chance he gets?

I could really care less what Bucky Gleason has to say because I already know his feelings about me.  He thinks he is better than me, and everyone else, because he gets paid to watch the Sabres and we pay to watch the Sabres.  I'm fine with I already stated I don't really care about what Bucky has to say.

I almost feel bad for Bucky Gleason.  Anyone else get the idea that Bucky wishes he were still a fan?  The problem is that he isn't a fan anymore and therefore feels that he should remind us that he is better than us.

The funny thing as that I sometimes feel that Bucky likes the entire Buffalo blog community writing about him.  I think he sits at his computer wondering what he can write that will stir up controversy among bloggers.  If that is fact, his strategy is working.

There have been differing opinions on this story and I'm sure many others...

Heather at Top Shelf...

Here's the bottom line: I think this is one of the most insulting things I've ever read. It really and truly makes me want to never, ever pick up the Buffalo News sports section again.

Dave in Rocha at Bflo Blog...


The Ultimate Sports Road Trip agrees with Bucky...

The question is valid, why do we continue to attend games when the product on the ice is substandard while previous generations of Buffalo fans did not? What are the reasons for it? Why do we continue to attend Bills and Sabres games at a pace rarely seen before in this town for teams who watch the postseason on TV like the rest of us?

Notice the difference in the way it is worded above in comparison to the Bucky piece that just screamed...I'M BETTER THAN YOU!

As always Ryan at the Roost says it best...

But here’s the truth: Bucky Gleason doesn’t understand us anymore. He’s clear to distance himself from the “fans,” and so he has no right to tell us just how thick our backbones are, or the tint of our collars. He is well beyond us, and has no gauge of our intelligence or motives for sitting in those seats.




This wasn't supposed to be only about Bucky Gleason.  I promised there wold be other links and there is just one really good link.  Ryan at the Roost has a great post about the Sabres lack of leadership.  It is a great read and I don't think anyone could write more eloquently.  His points are all valid and although I disagree with some of it. 

In fact, Gaustad seems to be a relic of the past as well. His work ethic comes directly from his time with Chris Drury, and I think it clearly shows in his game. This was the rookie that tried beating Drury to the rink, and his game has benefited from the way he has practiced since. Most people I’ve talked to feel it is only a matter of time before Gaustad gets a letter and becomes a true leader on this team, but that’s not going to be enough for this team.

I don't think it takes a room full of born leaders to change this thing.  I still contend that the only true leader on this team a couple of years ago was Chris Drury.  Danny Briere wore a "C" but that was just for show in my opinion.  If anyone has any questions about the leadership displayed by these two players just look at where they are now.  Chris Drury is the Captain of the New York Rangers and the Flyers named a youngster like Mike Richards captain.  That should clear up any questions on who the leader of this team was.

I don't want to knock Craig Rivet because I respect what he does for this team but maybe he isn't as good of a leader as Chris Drury was.  I'm not sure that Gaustad will be the guy either but it will take only one strong leader and a team full of followers to turn this thing around.  It can be done in a short ammount of time but the players have to want it to happen.  This is as much about self-accountability as it is a lack of leadership.