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All-Time Number Debate - Number 3 Recap

Jersey Number 3 (via <a href="">coolman856</a>)
Jersey Number 3 (via coolman856)

Since today's player Tracy Pratt was the final player to wear number 3 for the Buffalo Sabres, I am going to put together all of the links for the players who wore jersey number three. Those players are: Michael Funk, James Patrick, Garry Galley, Dean Melanson, Grant Ledyard, Calle Johansson, Jim Hofford, Richie Dunn, Hannu Virta, Bill Stewart, Paul McIntosh, Jocelyn Guevremont, Mike Robitaille, Paul Terbenche, Tracy Pratt.

All the players who wore number 3 are defensemen and the list above goes from the most recent player to the first player. Now the choice is up to you. Below is the poll and voting will end on April 30th at noon.