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The Race For Eighth: April 2


It has become almost impossible for the Sabres to make the playoffs but the dream lives on.

New York Rangers 5 89 99
Montreal Canadiens 6 88 100
Florida Panthers 5 87 97
Buffalo Sabres 6 83 94

New York Rangers

Home: (2 Games) -Montreal, Philadelphia

Away: (3 Games) - Carolina, Boston, Philadelphia

Montreal Canadiens

Home: (2 Games) - Ottawa, Pittsburgh

Away: (4 Games) - NY Islanders, Toronto, NY Rangers, Boston

Florida Panthers

Home: (3 Games) - Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Washington

Away: (2 Games) - Philadelphia, Atlanta


Buffalo Sabres

Home: (3 Games) - New Jersey, Detroit, Boston

Away: (3 Games) - Washington, Toronto, Carolina

If the Sabres have any chance at all, they are going to need some of the teams ahead of them to lose a couple of games.  There is no better time for the losing to start than tonight.  The Montreal Canadiens head to Long Island to take on the Islanders at 7PM.  The New York Rangers are also on the road tonight as they take on the Carolina Hurricanes.