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Playoff Previews - April 19th

Penguins/Flyers - 3pm NBC, Penguins lead 2-0

The Flyers have been blown out in Game 1 and lost in overtime in Game 2.  As Ryan from the Goose's Roost said, this series looks a lot like the Flyers/Sabres 2006 playoff series.  That being said, don't be surprised if the Flyers happen to take Game 3 today.

Canucks/Blues - 7pm Versus, CBC, Canucks lead 2-0

The St. Louis Blues are starting to fall deeper into that "happy we made it here" trap as they head back to St. Louis.  The Blues need to take over the momentum from being at home and some how figure out a way to crack Roberto Luongo.

Devils/Hurricanes - 7:30pm, TSN, Series tied at 1-1

The Devils will have to play in Carolina without Jamie Langenbrunner.  Lagenbrunner will miss the next two games with a lower body injury.  The Hurricanes have played well at home while the Devils have played not too bad on the road.  Expect the next two games to be uber close.

Ducks/Sharks - 10pm Versus, CBC

For the sanity of Sharks fans, San Jose needs to win this game.  After years of losing in the second round, the Sharks have a really good team and they need to get over the hump so to speak.