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The Daily Roundup for 4/17

Recaps from last night's playoff games:  Red Wings/Blue Jackets, Canadiens/Bruins, Flames/Blackhawks, Ducks/Sharks.

The Flyers Daniel Carcillo has been suspended for tonight's game against the Penguins for an incident with Penguins Maxime Talbot.

The Puck Stops Here considers Alexander Ovechkin a hall of famer now.

Celine Dion is in the running for buying the Canadiens.  I guess the heart really does go on.

Kevin over at BfloBlog breaks down Bucky's commentary from yesterday.

Heather over at Top Shelf takes a look at the one player that explains the Sabres season as a whole.  In the process, she's also changed her banner.

Doug Risebrough has been fired as Wild general manager.