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The Daily Roundup for 4/16

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First things first, recaps from each of the games last night.  Rangers/Canadiens, Penguins/Flyers, Hurricanes/Devils, Blues/Canucks.

Bucky takes a look at whether Lindy should be fired and goes off on another management diatribe.

Elliotte Freedman thinks that Bob Gainey could be out and the end of the playoffs and I tend to agree.

The Predators are scheduling a meeting with Radulov to feel out the possibility of him returning next season.

Ryan Dixon from the Hockey News thinks that Sid has set a standard for Ovechkin.

Quick blurb about Charles Wang's feelings if he had the chance to buy the Islanders again.

Craig MacTavish is out as Edmonton head coach.

Former Sabre Bob Boughner named top coach of the OHL.