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Happy Beginning of Playoffs Everyone


Throughout the playoffs, I will be trying to get previews of that days games before the first puck drops. 

Rangers at Capitals (7pm TSN)

The Verizon Center will be rocking the red again this year and after last year's playoffs we can be assured that Capitals fans will be heard.  The Rangers come into this game knowing that they need to score early to take the crowd out of it while the Capitals know that they need to be able to trust Jose Theodore.  The Capitals should be able to survive this game but we never know what Sean Avery is going to do.

Flyers vs. Penguins (7pm VERSUS, CBC)

This series is going to be a knock-down, drag out war and round one starts tonight.  Martin Biron needs to be in playoff form for the Flyers to survive this series while the Penguins as a whole need to find a way to break the Stanley Cup Finalist curse. I can't honestly pick a winner but I know that it is going to be close.

Hurricanes vs. Devils (7pm TSN 2)

This series is going to be the wild card of all of the series because I really have no idea what to expect out of these teams.  Which Hurricane team will we see tonight, which Martin Brodeur will we see?  These questions will be answered shortly after the puck drops and will determine the path of the series. The Hurricanes will probably shock the Devils at home just because they have been that hot lately.

Blues vs. Canucks (10pm VERSUS, CBC)

The Blues may very well fall flat heading into this game if they don't keep up the intensity they had during their playoff push.  The Canucks on the other hand, are starting to envision playoff parades. The Blues are riding a hot goaltender while the Canucks always have a hot goaltender.  The Canucks should take this one riding the wave of Luongo.