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The Daily Roundup for 4/10

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Jaroslav Spacek doesn't want to leave Buffalo.

The Puck Stops Here has a look at the worst power play in the league.

The Calgary Flames have been playing a man short on their roster due to the cap.

Puck Daddy takes a look at the struggles of a hockey beat writer in these times.

The Pittsburgh Tribune Review takes a look at how strong the NHL actually is.

The Globe and Mail has insight on how well a relationship would go if your wife was as big a hockey fan as you are.

Eastern Conference Standings

The East has all of their teams locked into playoff spots but there still can be some jockeying for positions heading into the last weekend of the season.

1. Boston 114
2. Washington 108
3. New Jersey 104
4. Philadelphia 97
5. Carolina 97
6. Pittsburgh 97
7. Rangers 93
8. Montreal 93