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Games to Watch Today : Sunday Open Thread

I'm a little bit late in posting this because the Rangers and Bruins have already started.  There a couple of games of interest today and the Rangers-Bruins is live on NBC.  There are other Games of Interest today as well.

Boston Bruins @ New York Rangers   12:30PM (NBC)

The Bruins are already out of reach for the Sabres, therefore we should be rooting for the Bruins to beat the Rangers.  Of course in addition to the effect this game could have on the Sabres playoff hopes there is also the sideshow that is Sean Avery in this game.  Enjoy!

Pittsburgh Penguins @ Washington Capitals   3PM (XM 207 - Center Ice)

I have to admit that I like to watch the Penguins play the game.  That feeling had disappeared for awhile this season but it's back now.  When they play the Capitals, it's even better.  There is so much talent in this game that it is a must watch.  As a Sabres fan I will be cheering for Ovechkin and the Caps but as a hockey fan, I'll just enjoy a good hockey game.

Montreal Canadiens @ Dallas Stars   6PM (XM 204 - Center Ice)

It's always tough for a Sabres fan to cheer for the Dallas Stars but that is exactly what we need to do today.  Enjoy the games and leave some comments...I'll be here watching hockey all day.


Boston 66 43 14 9 95
New Jersey 65 42 20 3 87
Washington 66 40 21 5 85
Philadelphia 64 35 19 10 80
Florida 66 34 24 8 76
Montreal 65 34 24 7 75
Carolina 67 35 27 5 75
NY Rangers 65 33 24 8 74
Pittsburgh 66 34 26 6 74
Buffalo 66 33 26 7 73

(updated 3.8.2009 at 8:56 AM EDT)