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Daily Rounup for 3/8

As you may or may not have noticed, there was no daily roundup yesterday.  I wasn't sure that anyone actually read them on Saturday so I skipped it to see the reaction.  Did anyone actually miss them or should we skip doing them on Saturday?


Sabres Links

  • The Sabres have struggled against the Senators all season and that trend continued last night in Ottawa.  BfloBlog has a message for the Sabres.
  • Ryan at the Roost was speechless regarding the Sabres performance yesterday.
  • Sabre Noise has their recap of the game yesterday as well.
  • Sabres Prospects speculates that Phillip Gogulla could join the Portland Pirates for the stretch run.

Other Playoff Foes

  • Pensburgh is looking for the Penguins second half star.  I say Malkin but that's not any different than the first half of the season.
  • Habs Eyes on the Prize does not like the way the Canadiens played against the Thrashers but they like the schedule the Habs have the rest of the season.
  • Litter Box Cats take a look back at the win over St. Loius last night.

Around the NHL

  • Mirtle has his traditional look at the playoff race for 90 points.  The news isn't all bad for the Sabres but they need to start stringing together some wins.
  • David Shoalts at the Globe and Mail takes a look at the GM meetings that will take place tommorrow.
  • Terrace, B.C. will be the site of the next Hockeyville game.  It was announced last night on HNIC.



4. Philadelphia 80
5.Florida 76
6.Montreal 75
7. Carolina 75
8.NY Rangers
9.Pittsburgh 74
10.Buffalo 73