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Daily Roundup for 3/6

A short version of the daily links for your Friday morning.  Keep in mind that we have a game to watch tonight.


Sabres Links


Mike Harrington has a nice piece on Ales Kotalik.  Kotalik was shocked when he was traded to Edmonton.  Quite frankly...I was too.

Usually we don't link to the Sabres main site (basically because we assume that you have already checked it) but some information regarding Tellqvist making his first start.  Maybe on Saturday?


Other Playoff Foes

The Flyers were beat handily by the Calgary Flames and Danny Briere is injured again. [Broad Street Hockey]

While the Sabres were resting the Coyotes were beating the Bruins. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]

The Pens beat the Panthers last night and luckily it didn't go to overtime.  Pensburgh has a recap of the game.

Around the NHL

James Mirtle discusses the strange trade between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Tampa Bay Lightning.

I was wondering today about the starnge phenomnon that we have with jersey numbers and ironically enough there is a post about that very topic on Puck Daddy.

Scott Burnside at ESPN takes a look at the effect of the trade deadline on all 30 teams.




4. Philadelphia 78
5. Montreal 75
6. Florida 74
7. New York Rangers 74
8. Pittsburgh 74
9. Buffalo 71
10. Carolina 71