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Bill Guerin Going to the Pittsburgh Penguins


G A P +/- PIM
2008 - Bill Guerin 16 20 36 -15 63


As things are starting to pickup with the deadline, Bill Guerin is heading to the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Guerin is going to be a good winger for the Penguins who need a really good winger.  Will this make the Penguins a playoff team, who knows.  It does make them much better than what they were.   Guerin is going to replace the role that Miro Satan had and therefore makes the team just a little better.  In return a conditional pick heads to the Islanders.  A fifth round pick unless the Penguins make the playoffs then it becomes a fourth round pick.  If the Penguins win a round, it becomes a third round pick.