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Deadline Day [Open Thread]


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It's deadline day and we need a place to chat while the trades are taking place.  We will still have posts about any Buffalo Sabres trades and will probably do a summary on Thursday.  The games on Tuesday were not favorable to the Sabres with Philadelphia, Carolina, Florida and Pittsburgh all winning.  The Sabres are now in 10th place and have plenty of work to do.

Questions to Answer

  1. Are the Sabres buyers or sellers?
  2. Will Tim Connolly be dealt and if so to who?
  3. Will the Sabres be able to unload Max Afinogenov or are they stuck with him till the end of the season?
  4. Will the Sabres be able to make the team stronger for their run to the playoffs?
  5. Will Martin Biron or any other goalie be headed to Buffalo?

Those are some of the key questions that need to be answered for the Sabres has they head into the stretch run.  In another nine hours this team could look a whole lot different.