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The Race For Eighth: March 31


The New Jersey Devils did the Sabres no favors last night.  They spent more time chasing Sean Avery around then trying to score on Lundqvist.  The Rangers earned an important two points and gained some separation from the pack.

New York Rangers 5 89 99
Montreal Canadiens 7 86 100
Florida Panthers 6 85 97
Buffalo Sabres 7 82 96

New York Rangers

Home: (2 Games) -Montreal, Philadelphia

Away: (3 Games) - Carolina, Boston, Philadelphia

Montreal Canadiens

Home: (3 Games) - Chicago, Ottawa, Pittsburgh

Away: (4 Games) - NY Islanders, Toronto, NY Rangers, Boston

Florida Panthers

Home: (4 Games) - Ottawa, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Washington

Away: (2 Games) - Philadelphia, Atlanta


Buffalo Sabres

Home: (3 Games) - New Jersey, Detroit, Boston

Away: (4 Games) - Atlanta, Washington, Toronto, Carolina

There are a couple of games of consequence for the Sabres tonight.  The Florida Panthers host the Ottawa Senators at 7:30 PM.  The game will be available on Center Ice.  As many times as the Sens have beaten the Sabres let's hope for some help from them tonight.

The other game of consequence will be the Montreal Canadiens hosting the Chicago Blackhawks.  The game can be seen is stunning High Definition on the Versus Cable Network.  The Blackhawks are in a race for fourth place and need to get a key win on the road.