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More Upgrades For SB Nation

You may have noticed some changes at Die by the Blade this morning.  The most noticeable change is the pictures that are now included in some posts and the nice little AP Trademark at the bottom of the page.  SB Nation has foot the bill and now has access to AP Photos across all sports and therefore more photos for us to share with you...we hope you like it.

While the pictures may be the most noteable change on the surface, this upgrade was about much more than just pictures.  SB Nation is now closer to being able to offer you all the information you could possibly need in regards to hockey and every other sport.

I'm not smart enough to figure this all out on my own so some of what I am sharing with you is stolen directly from Pension Plan Puppets.

Player Pages

The feedback that SB Nation received on the previous player pages was not very positive so they decided to improve it.  Just how much did they improve it?  Take a look at the Ryan Miller page that SB Nation has created.  The best part is the page is no longer specific to DbtB, it spans the entire SB Nation network.  At that page you can find any post, fanshot or fanpost that is tagged with Ryan Miller.

Team Pages

Another great feature that works just like the player pages.  It has any relevant information regarding the Buffalo Sabres.  It will also have all posts, fanshots and fanposts plus a toolbar to link to the roster, schedule etc.

Event Pages

The event page may be my favorite part of the new upgrades but will need to be utilized properly (I'll have more on that in a second).  It is basically the place to go to find pregame, post-game and in game coverage of any event that would possibly be covered by SB Nation. 

Example...  Click on the Complete Coverage link and you will be directed to the Event Page.

Final - 3.27.2009 1 2 3 Total
Toronto Maple Leafs 0 1 2 3
Buffalo Sabres 2 2 1 5

Complete Coverage >


Play Your Part

This may be the most important part of the new upgrade and hopefully will be utilized properly by everyone (especially me).  It is important to tag all stories that are written with the proper event, player, team etc...

Because I am not quite as good as PPP, I am going to blantantly steal the photo he made that explains this very topic.



I am also going to steal his explanation for how this all works.

  1. If the fanpost/fanshot/post you are writing is directly related to a game, whether it's a picture that you took, a quotation from Ron Wilson berating a player, or your thoughts on the game, click 'attach event'. Once you get in there you'll see the list of all of the games divided into upcoming and completed. Select the appropriate game.
  2. If you are tagging a post with a team's name then type it into the 'Teams' section and not the 'tags' line at the top.
  3. Same with players' names. There is auto-complete on the names in case you aren't sure how to spell it properly. It's important that you do it this way and not in the 'tags' line because that ensures that everything gets linked to the appropriate page.

The 'tags' line can be used for past players, management, and humour but it's important that the teams and current players be tagged properly. Thanks for your help on this one.

Anyway, the platform is ever evolving (for the better we hope!) and the tech team is ridiculously good but if you encounter any bugs or issues fire an e-mail off to with as much detail as possible including your browser so they can fix it ASAP.