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The Race for Eighth: March 30


After the weekend off, the Race for Eighth is back.  The race for eighth has also become the race for seventh with the Rangers only claiming three out of the last eight points.  In the same gesture, the Senators have fallen out of the hunt Therefore, the Rangers go in while the Senators come out.

New York Rangers 6 87 99
Montreal Canadiens 7 86 100
Florida Panthers 6 85 97
Buffalo Sabres 7 82 96

New York Rangers

Home: (3 Games) - New Jersey, Montreal, Philadelphia

Away: (3 Games) - Carolina, Boston, Philadelphia

Montreal Canadiens

Home: (3 Games) - Chicago, Ottawa, Pittsburgh

Away: (4 Games) - NY Islanders, Toronto, NY Rangers, Boston

Florida Panthers

Home: (4 Games) - Ottawa, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Washington

Away: (2 Games) - Philadelphia, Atlanta


Buffalo Sabres

Home: (3 Games) - New Jersey, Detroit, Boston

Away: (4 Games) - Atlanta, Washington, Toronto, Maple Leafs

The only game of consequence tonight is the matchup at MSG between the Rangers and the Devils.  The matchup between Sean Avery and Marty Brodeur.  Game time is 7pm on Versus.