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Connolly off the Market?

It looks like we may have an answer to the Tim Connolly situation very soon.  If you were in the group of people that was hoping that he would get traded...well sorry!  I am probably jumping the gun a little bit but it's wishful thinking on my part.  This was reported by Darren Dreger at but he is clear to state that it is not done.

It's still too early to say Connolly's name should be removed from the list of players rumoured to be on the move, but based on negotiations on Tuesday it appears there's a greater chance of Connolly staying in Buffalo than there is of him being moved.

I have always been a strong supporter of Tim Connolly although I grew increasingly frustrated with his injuries this season.  With Connolly in the lineup the Sabres are a completely different team.  Remember how good the line of Connolly-Vanek-Stafford was?  Well we may be able to see it again on Wednesday if this deal can get done.

2008 - Tim Connolly 29 11 15 26 2 8 2 1 3 0 81 13.6

Obviously injuries have hindered his season but Connolly has scored 11 goals in only 29 games played.  He is currently seventh on the team in goals scored despite playing fewer games than most of the Sabres forwards.  Could injury be an issue again?  Sure it could but the what if it isn't?  You can't replace Tim Connolly at the deadline...there just isn't a player as talented as he is.



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