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Rumors to Chew on 23 Hours Beforehand

With the deadline ending in 23 hours, here are a few things to think about.

Bucky Gleason from the News is reporting a rumor that Marty Biron might be heading to Buffalo in a three way deal with the Phoenix in the middle.  You guys don't need to know what my thoughts are.  But do I get the credit if I thought of bringing him here two weeks ago?

According to Pierre LeBrun of ESPN, the Sabres and Connolly have not gotten any closer to signing a new contract but they are supposed to go to the table again sometime tonight.  Signing Connolly would not be a bad thing but it would depend on the moves that the Sabres make. 

Stick with us tomorrow for we will have the Trade Deadline covered all day here.  For other rumors and moves around the league, check out the Trade Deadline Hub.

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