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Midday Notes


Not normally do we update midday but a handful of things have gone down already

  • The Rangers have officially picked up Avery on waivers.  Color me surprised.  This deal has been going down for a while now and it probably won't help the Rangers in the least.  At least Avery will be happy though.
  • The Minnesota Wild have extended Niklas Backstrom for four more years.  Backstrom signed a 4 year $24 million extension to stay with the Wild.  This effectively takes him off the block and makes the already short list of tradeable goaltenders shorter.
  • The Penguins have waived Miroslav Satan.  Satan signed a one-year $3.5 million contract to play with them and has been labeled as a disappointment.  With the clearing of space, there are hints that the Penguins are going to make some moves.
  • The Ducks have waived Brendan Morrison.  Morrison was waived to clear up some roster space for returning injured players.  Morrison has 10 goals and 22 points in 61 games.
  • The Lightning have waived Gary Roberts.  Roberts, the essentially clubhouse leader of the Penguins last season only has 7 points in 30 games this season for the struggling Lightning.  There sounds to be some interest in Roberts, so its peculiar that the Lightning have let him go.