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The Race For Eighth: March 24


The Florida Panther lost to the Carolina Hurricanes on Monday night but they scored a late goal to get to overtime and earn the losers point.  The Panthers are now tied with the Montreal Canadiens with 81 points, five ahead of the 10th place Sabres.  The Sabres and Canadiens were both off on Monday and have one game in hand on Florida.

Current Standings

Montreal Canadiens 10 81 101
Florida Panthers 9 81 99
Buffalo Sabres 10 76 96
Ottawa Senators 10 74 94

Montreal Canadiens

Home: (6 Games) - Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Buffalo, Chicago, Ottawa, Pittsburgh

Away: (4 Games) - NY Islanders, Toronto, NY Rangers, Boston

Florida Panthers

Home: (4 Games) - Ottawa, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Washington

Away: (5 Games) - Buffalo, Philadelphia (2 Games), Dallas, Atlanta


Buffalo Sabres

Home: (5 Games) - Florida, Toronto, New Jersey, Detroit, Boston

Away: (5 Games) - Montreal, Atlanta, Washington, Toronto, Maple Leafs


Ottawa Senators

Home: (3 Games) - Philadelphia, Boston, New Jersey

Away: (7 Games) - Carolina, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Florida, Boston, Montreal, Toronto

Tonight's Games

Atlanta Thrashers @ Montreal Canadiens