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The Race For Eighth: March 23



After this weekend, the first seven spots seem to be secure in the Eastern Conference playoff race.  With the Sabres, Canadiens and Panthers all losing on Saturday it has turned into a three four team race for the eighth and final spot in the Eastern Conference.  It seemed that one of the three above teams would easily be in the playoffs but with all three teams struggling and the resurgence of the Ottawa Senators, it appears that the Sens could sneak into the eighth spot.

With 10 games remaining on the schedule it's impossible to pick who will earn the final spot but the Boston Bruins are hoping it's not the Sens.  The Sens have been unbelievable and have won nine of their last 10 games.  They are currently only two points behind the Sabres and seven points behind the eighth place Canadiens.

Current Standings

Montreal Canadiens 10 81 101
Florida Panthers 10 80 100
Buffalo Sabres 10 76 96
Ottawa Senators 10 74 94

Montreal Canadiens

Home: (6 Games) - Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Buffalo, Chicago, Ottawa, Pittsburgh

Away: (4 Games) - NY Islanders, Toronto, NY Rangers, Boston

Florida Panthers

Home: (5 Games) - Carolina, Ottawa, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Washington

Away: (5 Games) - Buffalo, Philadelphia (2 Games), Dallas, Atlanta


Buffalo Sabres

Home: (5 Games) - Florida, Toronto, New Jersey, Detroit, Boston

Away: (5 Games) - Montreal, Atlanta, Washington, Toronto, Maple Leafs


Ottawa Senators

Home: (3 Games) - Philadelphia, Boston, New Jersey

Away: (7 Games) - Carolina, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Florida, Boston, Montreal, Toronto

Tonight's Games

Carolina @ Florida


I will have a new installment of the race for eighth every day until eighth place is clinched.