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The Daily Roundup for 3/23



Sabres Links

Kate from the Willful Caboose is going through a shift in perception.

Hockey Talk for the Intelligent Fan has a few thoughts on the weekend of doom.

Ryan over at the Goose's Roost compares us to Ottawa.  How dare he do such a thing.

Playoff Contenders

The Bruins have clinched the Northeast Division.  Here is a recap from the Boston Globe and In Lou We Trust has the losing recap

The Devils are cutting season ticket prices and offering major incentives for current ticket holders to renew.

Are the Devils out for the race to first?

Japers' Rink takes a look at the Capitals Penalty Plus/Minus.

Pensburgh has Penguins view while the Phialdelphia Daily News has the Flyers view of the Penguins/Flyers game from yesterday.

Who exactly are the real Flyers?

The Hurricanes and Panthers fans are upset over the NHL ridiculous exclusivity agreement with Versus.  Could you imagine the uproar if this actually happened to a Buffalo game?

The Hurricanes are looking to get bigger and bigger.

Blueshirt Banter has the Rangers recap while Silver Seven Sens has the Senators recap from the Rangers/Senators game.

Dennis Kane has a look at the Canadiens nine UFA's and who should stay and who should go.

Litter Box Cats is feeling the same way we are about their playoff chances. And they are only one point behind.

Eastern Conference Standings

1. Boston 102
2. New Jersey 97
3. Washington 96
4. Philadelphia 88
5. Pittsburgh 86
6. Carolina 85
7. New York Rangers 84
8. Montreal 81
9. Florida 80
10. Buffalo 76