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Rangers Crush Sabres Hopes

I know that it is about 24 hours late but I promised a recap and here is a recap.  Well it's not as much a recap as some thoughts about last nights game.  It won't be your typical recap because it's 24 hours late and because I was at a party last night while watching the game so my attention span was compromised.

Let's make one thing clear very early in what should prove to be 2-4 paragraphs of nonsensical babble.  The Sabres played hard for 60 minutes and it wasn't a matter of not showing up.  I honestly get sick of people questioning the energy level of the team after every single loss.  Both the Philly and Rangers games were hard fought games that the Sabres lost; plain and simple.

For the second consecutive evening, the Sabres goalie failed them.  The Sabres controlled play for long stretches and yet somehow they couldn't get the big save form Lalime.  Lalime allowed six goals on Friday night and could have probably used a rest on Saturday.  Instead he played the first 40 minutes and allowed four goals before being replaced by Tellqvist for the final frame.

What a Difference a Month Makes

It was exactly one month ago when the New York Rangers seemed to lessen the Sabres playoff chances when Scott Gomez took out Ryan Miller.  Last night the Rangers just about crushed the Sabres playoff chances with a 4-2 win over the visiting Sabres.

The Sabres were playing decent hockey and actually tied the Rangers in the standings after beating them in that game.  Since losing Miller, the Sabres are just 3-7-2 and have lost four in a row.  It wasn't always goaltending that cost the Sabres games but in the last two, it was the main reason.

Playoff Hopes?

The Sabres playoff hopes are increasingly worse with every game that is played.  They should probably be eliminated already but due to the Canadiens and Panthers struggling as well; they still have a slim chance. 

With the loss to the Rangers, the Hurricanes and Rangers are out of reach and that means the Sabres are in a three-way battle for the final spot.  The Canadiens are currently in eighth place with 81 points, the panthers are in ninth with 80 points and the Sabres are 10th with 76 points.  With games against the Panthers a Canadiens this week it's still unlikely but it is possible.

Roll Call

Either it was a busy Saturday night for most people or everyone has already given up on this team.  A meager 26 comments for this game.  I expect many more on Wednesday against the Panthers.

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Up Next

Last ditch effort for the Playoffs as the Sabres host the Florida Panthers on Wednesday night.  The Panthers are struggling as much as the Sabres are and this is a huge game for both teams.