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The Daily Roundup for 3/20



Sabres Links

The Sabres have a fun day to ease the frustration with a scrimmage.

Other Playoff Foes

With the addition of Tortorella behind the bench, player's roles in the system will be heavily evaluated.

The Ranger Pundit takes a look at why Renney should have been fired.

Goal Line Report has a few notes on the Rangers heading into their four point weekend.

Silver Seven Sens has the winning recap while Four Habs Fans has the losing recap of last night's Senators/Canadiens game.

Habs Eyes on the Prize has a look at the major flaws in the Canadiens team that are starting to rear their ugly head.

The News and Observer has a look at the addition of Anton Babchuk to the Hurricanes

Litter Box Cats has the winning recap while Pension Plan Puppets has the losing recap of last night's Panthers/Leafs game.

Nick Boynton has no hard feelings about being a healthy scratch after his team suspension.

Around the Rest of the League

There is starting to be an uproar over Ovechkin's celebration of his 50th goal last night.  Honestly people, get a life.  Video will be below.

Eastern Conference Standings

Panthers winning and Canadiens losing shake the standings a little.  Not much help for the Sabres though.

6.  New York Rangers 82
7.  Montreal 81
8.  Carolina 81
9.  Florida 80
10.  Buffalo 76

Moment of Zen