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What's Your Favorite Moment as a Sabres Fan

With all of the doom and gloom that has surrounded the Sabres for the past few weeks, I think we all need to take a breath and step back.  The best way to do that is to try and think about your best moments as a Sabres fan.  Remembering why you liked this team in the first place can put you in a better place heading into the last twelve games of the season.  So, I put the task to you.  What is your favorite overall moment as a Sabres fan and what was your favorite moment that you got to see live:

Considering that I am fairly green when it comes to live Sabres moments, my favorite moment ever live was Game 2 of the Flyers/Sabres series in 2006.  It was my first ever playoff game that I attended so I had no idea what kind of atmosphere what I was walking into.   It was after the amazing Game 1 between these two teams, the Umberger hit and the Briere double overtime goal.  The Sabres won the game 8-2 and took it to Flyers from the beginning of the game and the fans absolutely lost their minds the entire game.  One of the best nights as a Sabres fan.

In terms of overall Sabres moments those 2006 playoffs as a whole turned this town into a crazed mess and created a massive bandwagon.  It shows the resilency of a town that can sell out an 18,000 seat arena and stick another 10,000 people out front of it and in the process having all of them scream their collective lungs out.  It shows that a simple sport can bring a city together for a common bond.  Considering the extremely diverse backgrounds that we experience here, its nice to know we can all share a common bond in something.

So, I want to read your stories in the comments.