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The Daily Roundup for 3/18


Sabres Links

You think Sabres fans are annoyed at this point.  Here is the clue to the answer.

The Roost has a good breakdown of what exactly is happening to this team.

Other Playoff Foes

Newsday has the winning recap while the Canadiens website has the losing recap of the Rangers/Canadiens game.

Canes Country has a look at the Hurricanes defense coming into next season.

Brind'amour plans on staying for next season.

Litter Box Cats has the losing recap while Japers' Rink has the winning recap of the Panthers/Capitals game.

The Panthers are having the same sort of struggles the Sabres are having.  Just on a smaller scale.

Around the Rest of the League

Brodeur passed Patrick Roy last night to be the all time wins leader.

Puck Daddy has a look at the players' salaries and the reason why the Islanders can not adopt their third jersey until the 2010-11 season.  It happens to coincide with the same time frame the Sabres are looking at to adopt their third jersey as their primary.

The Capitals are starting to sell cowbells at home games now.  Because 18,000 clanging cowbells seems like a good idea.

There is a ongoing feud about who actually helped build the Spectrum.

Jes Golbez has a look at the NHL's worst defensive forward.

The Maple Leaf front office is taking it hard to Justin Pogge.

The Toronto Sun did a poll that says that most Canadians want to ban fighting in the NHL.  Granted most of those polled weren't hockey fans.

Eastern Conference Standings

I've taken the Penguins out of the mix by being 8 points up with 12 games to go.  We just won't catch them.

6.  New York Rangers 82
7.  Montreal 81
8.  Carolina 79
9.  Florida 78
10. Buffalo 76