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Sabres Suffer Another Painful Loss

 I am truly at a loss for words after the Sabres managed to give up another two-goal lead on their way to a 4-2 loss against the Ottawa Senators.  After the Sabres played possibly their worst game of the entire season, their are more questions than answers.

  • How do you take seven consecutive penalties and a total of nine in the game?
  • How do manage only 13 shots on goal in a game that means so much to your playoff hopes?
  • How do you blow a two-goal lead for the second time in as many games?
  • How do you lose to the Ottawa Senators five times despite the fact that they have been terrible this season?

Many questions and very few answers.  This team is headed down a slippery slope and they have only a couple of days to fix it.  The schedule doesn't get any easier in the final 12.  I guess we'll get a glimpse of what this team is really made of...if the last two games are any indication, it won't be easy to watch.

Two Minute Minor Buffalo

Anyone else getting tired of hearing those words?  I'm starting to miss the days when the referees weren't mic'd.  Tonight we heard the referees say "Two Minute Minor Buffalo, number ##" on nine different occasions and seven consecutive times.  The Sabres had a 2-0 lead after 20 minutes but the Sens tied it because of five second period minor penalties by the Sabres.

Oh, How Far They Have Fallen

Do you remember when Henrik Tallinder and Toni Lydman were considered the Sabres shutdown pairing?  They are anything but with their recent play.  Lydman scored a goal tonight but he earned the nickname of "Toni Turnover" for a reason. 

Henrik Tallinder was possibly the worst player on the ice tonight.  Maybe he took three penalties tonight because he thought he could help the team more from the penalty box than he could on the ice...he wouldn't be too far off base.

Does anyone else find it curious that the first Sens goal came just nine seconds after Tallinder left the box and yet he wasn't on the ice for the goal?  Usually it is a bench decision whether the player joins the play or heads to the bench but why was he not in our zone helping out on defense?

13 Shots

This is not an incorrect stat.  The Sabres actually had only 13 shots on goal and four of those shots came in the final six minutes of the game.  The Sabres spent plenty of time in the box but that is no excuse for getting only 13 shots on goal.

Tellqvist Debut

Lost in the shuffle of the game was the debut of Mikael Tellqvist.  He looked pretty good in his first start as a Buffalo Sabre but came out on the losing end.  Tellqvist made a total of 32 saves and allowed four goals, three of which came on the power play.

I'm guessing that Lalime will be back in goal on Friday night but Tellqvist has given Lindy Ruff the confidence to give him another shot.

Roll Call

Could have been the playoff push, could have been the five-six penalties in a row...I don't know but we had plenty of comments in the game thread.  Thanks to all that participated and make sure to come back on Friday night.

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Up Next

The Sabres have a couple of days to figure out what they need to do to turn things around.  Time is running out fast and the Philadelphia Flyers will be in town on Friday night.  The Sabres have not beat the Flyers at all this season but need to on Friday.