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Buffalo Sabres Weekly Planner

One of the great things about sports is the race to the playoffs.  As of right now the Sabres are on the outside looking in and after their loss on Saturday, many fans have jumped off the bandwagon.  Instead of giving up, I choose to embrace the race for the playoffs and watch what the Sabres are doing as well as all the other teams in the playoff hunt.

Sabres Upcoming Schedule

Buffalo Sabres

Total Points: 76

Games Remaining: 13

This Week:  Tuesday (@ Ottawa), Friday (vs. Philadelphia), Saturday (@ Rangers)

Other Playoff Foes

Philadelphia Flyers

Total Points: 84

Games Remaining: 14

This Week:  Tuesday (@ Detroit), Friday (@ Buffalo), Sunday (@ Pittsburgh)


Pittsburgh Penguins

Total Points: 82

Games Remaining: 11

This Week:  Tuesday (vs. Atlanta), Friday (vs. LA Kings), Sunday (vs. Philadelphia)


Montreal Canadiens

Total Points: 80

Games Remaining: 13

This Week:  Tuesday (vs. NY Rangers), Thursday (@ Ottawa), Saturday (vs. Toronto)


New York Rangers

Total Points: 80

Games Remaining:  12

This Week:  Tuesday (@ Montreal), Saturday (vs. Buffalo), Sunday (vs. Ottawa)


Carolina Hurricanes

Total Points: 79

Games Remaining: 11

This Week:  Wednesday (vs. New Jersey), Friday (vs. NY Islanders), Saturday (vs. Washington)


Florida Panthers

Total Points: 78

Games Remaining: 13

This Week:  Tuesday (vs. Washington), Thursday (vs. Toronto), Saturday (vs. Columbus)


There is a quick guide to the week ahead for the Buffalo Sabres and the rest of the potential Eastern Conference Playoff teams.  The one bright spot is the 13 games remaining for Buffalo.  Only the Philadelphia Flyers have more games left than Buffalo and they are not within reach anyway.  Montreal and Florida both have 13 games remaining but the Sabres have games in hand on all the other teams.