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The Daily Roundup for 3/15



Sabres Links

Kate over at the Willful Caboose has a running diary of her thoughts on the game.

Bucky Gleason talks to Larry Quinn about the status of Darcy Regier and Lindy Ruff.

Chris Butler is happy with his role with the Sabres.

The Atlanta Journal Consititution has the Thrashers take on the game.

Other Playoff Foes

Habs Eyes on the Prize has a look at the connection between Martin Brodeur and Canadiens fans on what was his record-tying 551 win.

In terms of the game Dennis Kane has the losing recap while In Lou We Trust has the winning recap,

Fanhouse has the winning recap for the Penguins/Senators game while Pensburgh has the losing one.

Japers Rink has the Capitals recap and Canes Country has the Hurricanes recap of the Capitals/Hurricanes game. 

The Phiily Inquirer has the Flyers recap while the NY Daily News has the Rangers recap of the Flyers/Rangers game.

Litter Box Cats has the Panthers recap while the Tampa Bay Tribune has the Lightning recap of the Panthers/Lightning game.

Eric Fish from Detroit's Mlive believes that Florida announcer Randy Moller should be tapped for national games.

Eastern Conference Standings

5. Montreal 80
6. Pittsburgh 80
7. Carolina 79
8. New York Rangers 78
9. Florida 78
10. Buffalo 76

Games that affect the standings are the Flyers at New York on NBC at 12:30pm, and Boston at Pittsburgh at 3:00pm,