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The Daily Roundup for 3/11


Sabres Links

The Goose's Roost and Top Shelf each have quick recaps of what was a disparaging game.

Other Playoff Foes

Dennis Kane has some thoughts on the Canadiens/Oilers game.

Pensburgh has the winning recap for the Panthers/Penguins game while Litter Box Cats has some quick losing thoughts.

Canes Country has some beef with a Puck Daddy article from Monday.

Miami Herald has a good recap of the Panthers injuries and how it affected the game last night.

George Richards from On Frozen Pond has some thoughts heading into the Panthers/Sabres game on Thursday.


Around the Rest of the League

The GM's are looking to eliminate the awarding of compensatory picks in the case of a death of a player.  Basically, the Cherepanov Rule.

George Laraque is not happy about the new proposed fighting changes that have come out of the GM Meetings.

Barry Melrose Rocks has some fun with creating new injury reports.

Gary Roberts has officially retired from the NHL.  

The GM's are looking for a 10 minute misconduct for "staged fights"

Eastern Conference Standings

5.  Montreal 79
6.  Pittsburgh 78
7.  Florida 77
8.  Carolina 77
9.  New York Rangers 76
10. Buffalo 73

Moment of Zen

If any of you guys find some good hockey related Youtube videos we can put here, please let me know by sending me an e-mail.