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Daily Roundup for 3/1

The Daily Roundup will have a bit of a sour note to it today after the Sabres dropped another game last night.  The scoring woes continue for the Sabres which means one of two things...either they need to start selling their assets or they need to trade for some offensive help.

Sabres Links


Have the Sabres hit rock bottom?  The Fanatical Fan seems to think so...pretty hard to diagree right now.

Blue & Gold of Buffalo has more of the same and wonders if anyone has heard of Yann Danis before?

Max Afinogenov has declared himself healthy and is pondering his future in Buffalo.  Hard to argue with him when the team can't score a goal. {Sabres Edge}

There is a brand news Sabres blog on the market.  I've said this before and I'll say it again...the more the better.  Welcome to the club Sabres Noise.


Other Playoff Foes


It seems that Flyers fans are upset because Claude Giroux was sent down to the minors to make room for the return of Danny Briere. {Broad Street Hockey}

The Carolina Hurricanes are in the same boat as the Sabres as they crumbled last night...hey at least they scored a goal. {Canes Country}


Around the Rest of the League


Puck Daddy has a link to a sledge hockey fight between USA and Canada.  It's kind of fun to watch but it's equally disturbing.

Another link from Puck Daddy...a piece about the curse of the Stanley Cup Runner-up.  They called upon some bloggers to talk about it and they were kind enough to include me in the roundtable discussion.

We all know that Bill Guerin was pulled from the lineup before the game last night...we still don't know where he is being traded to.


Eastern Conference Standings


The news gets worse and worse for the Sabres.

1. Boston 93 points
2 Washington 85 points
3. New Jersey 83 points
4. Philadelphia 76 points
5. Montreal 75 points
6.New York Rangers
72 points
7. Florida 70 points
8. Buffalo 69 points
9. Carolina 69 points
10. Pittsburgh 68 points